Strength & Performance. A Franchise That’s Fit As Hell


Find out how to own your own S&P Gym!

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There is a shift occurring in fitness, and it’s financially stacked.

Investors are realising cheap gyms breed cheap commitment, which result in cheap returns.

There’s a craving for a more sustainable and profitable model. A model that breeds fitness champions, builds a fitness community and bleeds rich ROI for franchisees.

Well, this model already exists and is picking up serious pace. This incredible fitness franchise opportunity offers you the chance to be part of the UK’s most profitable boutique fitness brand.

For the first time ever, it’s opening its doors to a wealth-making world of opportunity for franchise investors with guts…and guns.


This model is unapologetically and inexcusably the Strength & Performance Franchise model.

If you’ve got balls, you’ve got more than just a shot. You’ve got a licence to succeed.

S&P is transforming the gym industry, one facility at a time. Take the plunge and be part of it. This is a once in a lifetime gym and fitness investment opportunity!

Just WATCH. Balls not included. BYOB.

This is the point where we should encourage you to express interest in this awesome franchise opportunity.

But you’re smarter than that, and we don’t let just anyone in.


Here’s what you need to know before you go any further…

I’m Martin, this is Z and he’s Sean.

We’re the trailblazers, bulldozers, and founding mastermind geezers of S&P. We are now on the hunt for some seriously success-driven allies. We are looking to recruit franchisees with a passion for fitness practice, the fitness community and a purpose to make serious profit.

Because, let us tell you this, an S&P gym franchise opportunity is NOT like anything else on the franchise market, let alone like any other gym. Why?

Just look…


Yes, We've Got:

  • A humble beginnings story
  • An epic, and we mean EPIC culture and fitness community in and out of our gyms
  • Insane training programmes and a serious storm of raving fans, all dedicated to the pursuit of incredible strength and performance

And We Are So Damn Proud Of All That…

But as an investor and potential S&P franchisee, you need to know what’s in this for you.

You also need to know that everything in this model has come from the toil of years of blood, sweat and tears making it work.

The processes, the methods, the marketing, the structure – it’s all been tried, failed, tweaked, tested, improved and NAILED… and this is the result:


The UK's Most Profitable Boutique Fitness Franchise

See that? Yeah. That’s a proper, proven, profitable business model right there.

And it’s THAT model that’s made us our fortune, and soon to be yours.



To understand why this is such a ridiculous franchise opportunity, and why investment works so well, you’ve got to see why people go crazy for it.

Let us take you on the tour, champ…


S&P: A gym. A culture. A lifestyle.

S&P stands for Strength & Performance, and the brand was built on these two pillars: It’s our ethos, our mantra, our hell-raising rally cry. Our boutique gyms are so insanely popular because of our unique fitness philosophy.

Everyone has a better version of themselves dying to be unleashed; better health, better fitness, better mindset, better relationships, better everything. We simply make that happen, which is why…


…When you invest in S&P, you should prepare to make fans. Fast.

We are not your traditional boot camp style facility or personal training studio.

Everything we do is conducted in a group training setting. It is this element that provides members with unshakable group support, which ultimately keeps them accountable, committed and fit as hell.

In short, it makes them fans. Raving fans.

The S&P Gym is not just somewhere you come to train. It’s a place where members can forget stress and embrace the joy of fitness with a much-needed structure. Once you step through the doors you are welcomed like family by coaches and members alike. An incredible fitness community is key to commitment and incredible results. There is a huge social side to what we do, and members find their tribe here. We’re all about high fives and fist pumps at S&P. Members can expect to be invited out for ribs and beer, or wine and pizza. Yes. Pizza. We work them hard. They earn it.

It’s what separates us from the herd, along with…


01. Fitness Community

Our marketing, our sales process and our retention is entirely based on building a community of raving fans – our members proudly wear our gym clothing, they tell everybody about us and they’re proud to be part of our fitness community.

It’s a bit like Tough Mudder – people love associating themselves with us and sharing it for all to see.


02. Profit

Although fitness facility owners and gym franchisees love to tell you that they’re not in it for the money, we know this isn’t true. At the end of the day, this is a business that is aimed at supporting your lifestyle.

Our key focus is on being a highly profitable model. We leverage our skill-set to build a business that pays highly and doesn’t rely entirely on the business owner.


03. Sophisticated Marketing Strategies

Whereas everybody else shouts crap and posts offers on Facebook – we have a series of proven advanced marketing strategies that allow us to bring members in at will.

From cutting-edge Facebook advertising strategies to outbound direct mail campaigns – we run marketing campaigns that work.

Our model gets our customers incredible results. It builds a massive local brand presence and drives profits that aren’t reliant on one person working themselves into the ground.


So, What's The Criteria?

  • Space: Have at least 1,500 square feet of useable gym space.
  • Location: Each location will be judged based on its own merits such as: local population, ease to get to, layout, competition, past efforts and revenue
  • You: A big part of a successful S&P facility is the passion and character of S&P franchisee. An owner with BALLS.

We're not looking for cowboys or dullards.

You need to be able to follow our guidance in terms of systems and processes that are proven to work. The reason most members come back every month won’t be purely on the results you generate for them, but how you treat them daily.

We’re looking for guys who are passionate about coaching people, but who might have gotten stuck and frustrated with the whole growth of the business. Or perhaps guys who have realised that it isn’t as easy as just putting out an “A” board in the street and getting clients.

We are after people who want to align themselves with a great fitness brand, and if you are a loner, do-it-yourself kind a person, this fitness franchise opportunity won’t be for you.

We want Ride-or-die mofos who can spend time with and continually guide towards their goals.