I’ve already got a gym, how do I know your marketing strategies will work for me?

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First of all, chill the F out.

We are not going to barge in and change absolutely everything about your business. In fact, the framework of your business will remain pretty much the same.

The biggest difference, when taking on an S&P franchise opportunity, is the marketing platform. As much as we want the S&P brand to be a success, we are also big on beefing out your existing business and making sure it reaches its full potential.

It’s all about the big picture, yeah By taking on the S&P brand, we fix a lot of problems straight away. You become part of a big brand, a muscular identity for the world to see. No more worries about your model, the pricing, your processes and systems for advertising, your sales, your retention. We’ve got an iron clad, bullet proof strategy for all that stuff.

Can I get a “WHEY-OH”.

The S&P Franchisee Experience:

Here’s the thing, with an S&P fitness franchise, we know that, even with the best marketing in the world, we can’t fix a broken business. But if you already have something that works, but needs the kinks and bumps knocking out, then we super-size your business into a health and fitness juggernaut, (God I love that word).

Juggernaut. Damn that’s hot.

We know that when we unleash the complete business strategy and S&P model, taking the needs of the local market into account, that we can quickly get a low performing fitness facility, or even a brand new facility to a place where they are absolutely smashing it.

Hold up though, the speed of the transition all depends on what you need. You can’t just implement the S&P brand and expect the people to come. This is why we have to market each facility according to its needs.

S&P Fitness do things in phases. Time between phases varies depending on how your business is adapting; just like actual fitness. You don’t go getting client benching 100-kilos if they can’t even lift a 5-kilo dumbbell, do you? DO YOU? It’s all made to fit you and your business.

The S&P Model: 3 Things to Get Your Head Around:

Here’s what you need to think about…

1. Marketing Tactics. We combine proven strategies and the latest tactics and techniques to help us push forward; an insane marketing protein shake designed to beef up your business, if you will. The beauty of it is you don’t even need to learn this stuff: we implement this for you – no, really, we had a lawyer write it up in stupidly complicated legal bollocks, which we simplified in the contract to say: YES, WE DO IT FOT YOU.

Our marketing strategy for the S&P franchise uses a turbo pumped blend of the freshest digital marketing techniques to get clients through the door for you, so you get all of this world class expertise right in your lap the moment you join us.

2. Be First. Don’t wait around for someone down the road to grab the S&P franchise opportunity, that’s just mediocre behaviour, and you’re a champ. And don’t wait around for some other company to latch on to our awesome model. Get in there! Set the benchmark. Be the market leader. Make sure you are the one to beat. Don’t miss the boat dude (yeah, I called you Dude, what about it?)

3. Trust. The local area will not trust you right away (and you’re gonna have to do away with that trench-coat) There is usually a delay in how long it takes your local area to see you as the authority. Let us tell you, we can speed that up, no problem. We’ll get those champs through the door, just you see.

Combine all of these things – get the recipe right, and hell yeah, you’re going to have one mother of a success on your hands.

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