I’ve already got a gym, how do I know your marketing strategies will work for me?

First of all, chill the F out.

We are not going to barge in and change absolutely everything about your business. In fact, the framework of your business will remain pretty much the same.

The biggest difference, when taking on an S&P franchise opportunity, is the marketing platform. As much as we want the S&P brand to be a success, we are also big on beefing out your existing business and making sure it reaches its full potential.

It’s all about the big picture, yeah By taking on the S&P brand, we fix a lot of problems straight away. You become part of a big brand, a muscular identity for the world to see. No more worries about your model, the pricing, your processes and systems for advertising, your sales, your retention. We’ve got an iron clad, bullet proof strategy for all that stuff.

Can I get a “WHEY-OH”.

The S&P Franchisee Experience:

Here’s the thing, with an S&P fitness franchise, we know that, even with the best marketing in the world, we can’t fix a broken business. But if you already have something that works, but needs the kinks and bumps knocking out, then we super-size your business into a health and fitness juggernaut, (God I love that word).

Juggernaut. Damn that’s hot.

We know that when we unleash the complete business strategy and S&P model, taking the needs of the local market into account, that we can quickly get a low performing fitness facility, or even a brand new facility to a place where they are absolutely smashing it.

Hold up though, the speed of the transition all depends on what you need. You can’t just implement the S&P brand and expect the people to come. This is why we have to market each facility according to its needs.

S&P Fitness do things in phases. Time between phases varies depending on how your business is adapting; just like actual fitness. You don’t go getting client benching 100-kilos if they can’t even lift a 5-kilo dumbbell, do you? DO YOU? It’s all made to fit you and your business.

The S&P Model: 3 Things to Get Your Head Around:

Here’s what you need to think about…

1. Marketing Tactics. We combine proven strategies and the latest tactics and techniques to help us push forward; an insane marketing protein shake designed to beef up your business, if you will. The beauty of it is you don’t even need to learn this stuff: we implement this for you – no, really, we had a lawyer write it up in stupidly complicated legal bollocks, which we simplified in the contract to say: YES, WE DO IT FOT YOU.

Our marketing strategy for the S&P franchise uses a turbo pumped blend of the freshest digital marketing techniques to get clients through the door for you, so you get all of this world class expertise right in your lap the moment you join us.

2. Be First. Don’t wait around for someone down the road to grab the S&P franchise opportunity, that’s just mediocre behaviour, and you’re a champ. And don’t wait around for some other company to latch on to our awesome model. Get in there! Set the benchmark. Be the market leader. Make sure you are the one to beat. Don’t miss the boat dude (yeah, I called you Dude, what about it?)

3. Trust. The local area will not trust you right away (and you’re gonna have to do away with that trench-coat) There is usually a delay in how long it takes your local area to see you as the authority. Let us tell you, we can speed that up, no problem. We’ll get those champs through the door, just you see.

Combine all of these things – get the recipe right, and hell yeah, you’re going to have one mother of a success on your hands.

How the hell can you guarantee charging this much a month will keep my members?

So, you’ve seen the opportunity and the idea of running your very own S&P Franchise has got you fired up as hell.

You’ve done the research, got all excited, started considering that unused unit down the road as a potential hot spot, maybe even whispered a little “f**k yeah” to yourself, then BOOM, you got to the bit where it says how much we charge our members, and you’ve done a double take. “How much?” you say? “Are these guys mental?”

You know what, yeah, our prices are top-end; we offer a top-end product. “That’s all great” I hear you say, “but that doesn’t mean people will pay it.”

Listen up, as this is the part where I tell you politely to chill the F out, cos you’re wrong.

What S&P offers is so unique, so insanely sh*t hot, that members go mad for the results that they receive, and they’re willing to pay for it. They pay because it pays them in fitness, health, confidence, hey even sexy time benefits they never had before. Put simply, it’s worth everything to them, and everything ain’t cheap.

And speaking of things that are shit hot, the S&P business model is also sh*t hot bullet proof too. We give you the marketing power tools to get will-be champs through the door and the secrets to making them stay.

“BUT HOW!?” I hear you scream.

How do we justify the price and how do we keep our members? Strap in buddy, I’ll tell you…

#1: It’s about your Franchise Area

So, first of all, we are gunning after the people in your area who have the disposable income to pour into their fitness goals. Typically, in the areas we operate, the top 60% of earners in the area have that disposable income, so that is where the marketing is targeted. And I mean LASER targeted. We’ve spent shed loads on trialling this, so we’ve messed up enough times to know what definitely doesn’t work, and lucky for you, succeeded even more to know what straight-up does.

#2: Insane Fitness FAST

Most people want to get lean, fit, ripped or tanked up as fast as possible. People invest in intense fitness programmes to get specific results in a certain amount of time. We promise those results, because, quite simply, we can deliver them, and then some.

The reason people choose the S&P fitness way is because we’re they’re f**king champions and can sniff out bullsh*t when they see it, and there’s a lot of it around. Nobody is doing what we’re doing because we’ve researched the hell out of everyone else’s programmes and picked out all the flaws so when it came to designing ours, we did so with focus on down-right perfection, so yeah, safe to say we have the market for our fitness product by the balls.

Put it this way, if we were asking for, say, 30 quid for HIIT class, when the geezer down the road is doing the exact same HIIT class for 20 quid, are we hell getting that customer; there’s no differentiation. S&P aren’t just the next big thing. We are the thing. People go for it. People love it. Fact.

In terms of retention, once you’ve got the member through the door their minds are blown by the structure of our programmes, and a community, nay, a TRIBE like no other. We become a fitness family, and family stay and slay together my friend.

#3: VALUE Mind-Set

When you fork out for something typically more expensive than what you’d usually pay, suddenly a mind-shift occurs. You see that thing as a thing of VALUE. If you pay 20 quid for a gym membership, it’s easy not to go. You’ve got no money pains from not going, so you just don’t bother. See, no value attributed. Contrast that to if you pay 100 quid for it and sure as hell you’re gonna squeeze everything out of that membership to get your money’s worth. Paying more actually plays a MASSIVE part in commitment and hitting fitness goals faster. That’s why it’s not just profitable to charge more, it’s f**king smart.

So…Why Do They Stay?

Like I said, the S&P fitness community is one like no other. Once you join us you become integrated into the tribe; you work out together, team build together, socialise together, grow together. How could you leave that sh*t behind?

They also stay for the education. Gyms do not offer advice and good practice to their members, they just let them crack on with their work out, whether it’s right or wrong. S&P use the K.U.S.A.B (Knowledge, Understanding and Skill Affects Attitude and Behaviour) model; always backing up exercises and movements with science and reason, providing a wider knowledge and context for their fitness.

Our member experience is quite frankly incredible. We are most passionate about creating an experience and environment for our members so that they genuinely thrive and retain their awesome results.

THESE are things add up to consistently great retention levels.

  • Still don’t believe us? Check out some stats…
  • Our average customer value is £1152/ year. (we don’t even use contracts, mate)
  • Our retention rate is 90% per month
  • 250 members
  • Fluctuate about 25 members a month. Lost members are always balanced out by new fresh blood!