Franchise Support

If you keep growing your franchisees, how do I know I’ll get the support I need from you?

We aren’t the type of guys that just dump a franchise in your lap and drive off, never to be heard from again until we need something from you, like, say, err, money. That’s not us. In the same way that S&P Fitness put the customer experience first, we, the directors of the S&P brand, are dedicated to making sure that you have everything you need to make your fitness franchise financially fit as hell.

How can we guarantee that you will get our constant support? One simple word, champ; INFASTRUCTURE!

A mistake many companies fall into when they suddenly start gaining traction, is to run before they can walk. “Wow. Look how successful we are, let’s just open more units and get more franchisees on board.” This is why they fail, big time.

This is like extending your house without laying down a foundation, nah, scrap that, it’s worse – it’s like extending your house before asking the wife. Yeah, now you get it.

The business gets overwhelmed, their expectations are off the charts, the whole thing runs away with them.

Without infrastructure, a rapidly expanding business will just fall into the ground!

Rest assured, with an S&P Fitness Franchise, we crack on with infrastructure first, making sure everything is well on its way to reaching its potential before we go expanding. In fact, in recent years we’ve got pretty damn good at growing the S&P brand whilst building infrastructure alongside it.

How does that work? Well, think of our business plan like drilling a hole for oil. First you drill 5 meters, then take away dirt, reinforce it, make sure everything is safe and stable, then crack on with the next 5 meters. Slow, steady and strong wins the race!

Don’t like that metaphor? Tough. I do.

How Do We Support Our S&P Franchisees?

Here’s how…

We have created a platform called ‘The S&P Blueprint’. It tells you everything you need to know about running the S&P brand, but most importantly it has a handbook for all franchisees, and a list of all the values and promises we align ourselves with.

You even get your own ‘SUCCESS Coach”, who will be there every step of the way to get your franchise buzzing, pumping and pulling in profit. Our coaches have all the information you need and all the protocols at the tips of their muscle-pumped fingers to ensure your business hits the ground running. And if you’re worried your coach is going to run off to other franchisees all the time and leave you in the crap, get a grip, champ, there is a limit to how many franchisees a coach can work with. You’ll get all the attention, hugs, snugs and bed tucks you need, don’t you worry.

The S&P business model is about three things; results, exclusivity and community. These three things apply to our gyms, philosophies and members. But for them to filter down into your business, they have to come by you first. We are a community that is hungry for collaboration and committed to results, from the tip of the tree to the roots. We’ve got your back, but you’ve gotta have ours too – only way it can work.